Celebrities just love to show off their sexy bodies! Browse HollywoodLife.com’s gallery of the hottest stars who’ve stripped down to their bras!

Leave it up to our favorite celebs to just leave the shirts at home. Kylie Jenner, 17, Miley Cyrus, 21, Ariana Grande, 21, and more have been spotted out showcasing their bras or posted sexy photos lounging around their house. Talk about upping the sexy!

Kylie is, without a doubt, the edgiest dresser in the Kardashian-Jenner family. The 17-year-old consistently rocks a dark, sexy look. One of her latest looks showed she’s not a baby anymore.

Kylie flaunted a sexy black bra while wearing a mesh top. The reality star looks fantastic, but is she a little too young to be dressing that way?

The youngest Jenner has an incredible figure, so we understand why she would want to show it off!

Looks like we could have two models in the Kardashian-Jenner family!

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The “Wrecking Ball” singer is the queen of pushing the envelope. So, it’s not really a surprise that she would post a photo in just her bra!

On June 14, Miley shared a racy photo of the star in only her bra and underwear! She captioned the ultra sexy photo, “#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife.” We’re not sure why she called herself a whore, but hey, Miley looks fantastic!

Miley’s bra selfie was just a precursor to her most shocking look yet at New York Fashion Week. At an after party, Miley ditched the bra and went fully topless, except for two ice cream-themed pasties.

Miley’s just being Miley, we guess.

HollywoodLifers, who is the hottest celeb in their bra? Vote now!

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The singer is showing off her bare body yet again for a racy spread in V magazine (shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld), which features the blue-eyed beauty wearing nothing but her birthday suit while laying down and covering her private part with her hand as a bunch of stuffed animals surround her.

Cyrus posted the seductive black-and-white photo on her Instagram, with little happy faces covering her nipples (does that mean the actual photo shows her naughty pillows?!).

“@vmagazine #rebelissue ,” Miley simply captioned the picture.

WATCH: Miley’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s VMA performance!

Karl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

Another shot featured on the cover of the mag continues with the same stuffed animal idea, except Cyrus’ nude bod is partially covered in a custom blue fur Fendi bathing suit.

While rocking the cut-out monokini, Miley sits back with her legs open and her hands behind her head as she gives the camera a sultry look.

Miley posted another snapshot on her IG of Lagerfeld holding the issue up to his face, writing, “@vmagazine shot by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by my loveeeeee @carlynecerfdedudzeele”

You can grab your copy of V magazine on Sept. 10.

PHOTOS: See Miley in all of her naked moments! RELATED VIDEOS:
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/574366/miley-cyrus-poses-naked-with-a-bunch-of-stuffed-animals-for-v-magazine-see-the-racy-pics

Wednesday September 17, 2014 21:30

Nicki Minaj’s fake booty trends – PHOTOS

2014-09-17 17:20:00.0 | Sunday World |

Nicki Minaj’s booty is back in the lime light.

The rapper had been performing her single “Anaconda,” which is an ode to big butts, but it seems that she has a fake one.

What seemed like an unnatural fold in her butt seen during her performance at Fashion Rocks 2014 has sparked booty implant rumours.

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Feldmar, the curvy rapper seems to have gotten some enhancement.

“It does appear that she’s had some sort of augmentation in the gluteal area,” Dr. Feldmar, told RadarOnline.com.

“It looks like she had gluteal implants placed, or perhaps got fat injections.”

Dr. Feldmar, who specializes in body contouring and gluteal augmentation, says patients often get liposuction in their back and waist, and inject the fat into the buttocks.

“It helps get that lift and pop,” he explains, adding that a patient can get injection touch-ups every six months.

Though she has denied having any surgery on her face, the 31-year-old has never commented on nips and tucks below her neck.

SOURCE: Radar Online

Source: http://www.sundayworld.co.za/shwashwi/2014/09/17/nicki-minaj-s-fake-booty-trends—photos

By Colette Fahy for MailOnline

She is renowned for her racy outfits but Miley Cyrus’ latest look is quite possibly her raunchiest one yet.

The 21-year-old popstar attended the Alexander Wang after party for New York Fashion Week with pals including Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid, but all eyes were on Miley thanks to her outfit which was comprised of nipple tassles and very little else.

Miley made sure that even though she was partying with her famous friends, she still was centre of attention and her racy look was topped off with lots of body glitter and funky sunglasses, which on closer inspection appeared to be made out of pills.

She has never made a secret of her love for marijuana and Miley opted for cannabis earrings for an extra edge. Her hair was pulled up into two tiny pigtails on top of her head.

While her top half was almost completely bare, except for the ice cream cone tassles on her nipples, Miley kept her bottom half covered up with sparkly black trousers.

She was smoking a cigarette and all of her upper body tattoos were clearly visible., including the Just Breathe inking under her left breast.

While she may have a love of partying, it is clear from Miley’s lack of clothes that her recent Bangerz tour has kept her in excellent shape.

Her toned figure doesn’t have an ounce of fat and while most people wouldn’t be brazen enough to wear the daring outfit, it’s not surprising Miley wants to show off her body.

Indeed the singer has never been shy about stripping off, causing shockwaves last year with her revealing video for Wrecking Ball.

In the video, the singer straddled a wrecking ball and licked various tools including a hammer… all while completely naked.

Miley is currently in the Big Apple to debut her new art installation called Dirty Hippie during designer Jeremy Scott’s fashion show on September 10th.

The art collection is made from found objects and other items she collected on tour and from fans.

Miley was clearly having the time of her life and took to Instagram to share shots of her night out.

It was a night for young Hollywood with Miley being joined by reality TV siblings, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Rapper Tyga and Sports Illustrated model Gigi Hadid were also in the group as they partied up a storm following Wang’s fashion show.

The entire group arrived at the Brooklyn bash in a party bus and were clearly out for a good time.

Although Kylie is only 17, she is not your typical teenager and while her peers are back to school this month, the home-schooled reality TV star was hitting up the bash.

With her new hair extensions loose around her shoulders and her signature pout firmly in place, Kylie held hands with a female pal as she made her way into the bash just ahead of Miley.

Accompanying the group was Kylie’s 18-year-old sister Kendall, who has a legitimate reason to be hitting up the New York Fashion Week parties, she is a bonafide model.

The pretty brunette has managed to establish a name for herself outside of her family’s reality TV show and has appeared in publications such as Elle and walked the runway for such design houses as Chanel.

Her model pal, celebrity offspring Hailey Baldwin was also in the group, with the pretty blonde model failing to crack a smile as she made her way in to the bash.

Rapper Tyga, a common acquaintance Cyrus and the Jenners, was another part of the group.

And of course Miley was joined by her ever-present assistant Cheyne Thomas.

The young man – who Miley also refers to as her best friend – used to work at Starbucks before Miley asked him to become her assistant and these days she is rarely seen without him.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2746919/Topless-Miley-Cyrus-dons-ice-cream-nipple-covers-parties-Jenner-siblings-Gigi-Hadid-NY.html

BY Skye Park | Aug 23, 2014 10:42 AM EDT

“Wrecking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus has officially been banned from the Dominican Republic because her acts have violated the country’s moral standards.

Cyrus was supposed to take the Dominican Republic stage on September 13 as part of her “Bangerz” tour but the show will no longer push through following the country’s decision, according to the NY Daily News.

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The commission has released an official statement on Thursday confirming the news and stressed that the 21-year-old’s antics often “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

Tickets for Cyrus’ concert have been on sale since July and each one costs between $27 to $370, ABC News reported.

As of late, Cyrus and her representatives have not yet commented regarding the issue. Concert organizers in the Dominican Republic did not respond to requests for comment as well, the same publication noted.

In the past, the commission has also banned select songs that they consider are vulgar, FOX News noted.

Cyrus, who is well-known for her vulgar antics, including her infamous twerking, will perform at this year’s MTV video music awards.

The young singer drew headlines at last year’s event after she twerked in front of the then married singer Robin Thicke, during their performance of the latter’s song, “Blurred Lines,” according to BBC.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer has also been posting a series of equally vulgar posts via Instagram.

Cyrus has also posed with her tongue out in a series of photos on Instagram. Last week, Cyrus posed with her “Bangerz” tour backup dancers and was featured with her infamous tongue.

She wrote, “Last Bangerz us show mo fackas #southamericaherewecome.”

In another photo, Cyrus was photographed tongue-locking with openly gay supermodel Cara Delevingne. She wrote, “happy bday to my mushymush @caradelevingne.”

Copyright ⓒ 2014 KDramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/34372/20140823/miley-cyrus-banned-dominican-republic-twerking-acts-violate-country-s.htm

Nicki Minaj did everything to make her MTV VMAs performance as racy as possible, but couldn’t get a “mature audiences” rating from the network.

Sources tell us Minaj pushed to get the “TV-MA” rating for her writhing, twerk-filled routine to her song “Anaconda.” The video features the female rapper in a thong, giving Drake a lap dance. But MTV carefully filmed Minaj’s performance on the VMAs – rated TV-14 – with strategic camera angles focusing on her upper body.

The network last year took heat over Miley Cyrus’ raunchy number with Robin Thicke and sources believe the suits took steps to prevent any furor from scolds this year.

“It wasn’t as racy as we were anticipating,” admitted Melissa Henson, director of the Parents Television Council. “What we were expecting to see was what was in the video – a guy up on the stage and her performing lap dances.”

She added, “Her costume was less revealing during the VMAs than it was in the music video. The elements were there, but the most offensive content was edited out. Whether Nicki Minaj had anything to do with that or MTV or network standards and practices, I don’t know, but we were relieved to see that it wasn’t as bad as it might have been.”

But an MTV spokesperson denied there was any conversation between Minaj and the network about racy content for her performance, and Minaj’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Source: http://pagesix.com/2014/08/26/did-mtv-censor-nicki-minaj-to-keep-vmas-tv-14-rating/

METRICO Released on Aug. 5 Developed by Digital Dreams For PlayStation Vita Rated E (Everyone); mild fantasy violence

Every puzzle game walks a fine line between posing a challenge and frustrating players. Metrico, a puzzle game for Sony’s Vita mobile console that’s occasionally a victim of its own novelty, toes this line more delicately than many of its peers.

This is a platform game in the Super Mario Bros. tradition, with a fresh twist on established patterns of running and jumping over things. Playing it gives you the sense that the game’s small indie developer was implored to use every conceivable feature of the Vita hardware. You have to tilt the console at odd angles to solve puzzles, tap the front and back touchscreens to jump and to shoot projectiles in quick succession, and even turn the device’s camera toward different light sources to move platforms late in the game.

It’s not easy to appreciate Metrico, however, because the strangeness of some controls can make otherwise entertaining puzzles unbearably difficult. New ideas may not always sit well at first, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth pursuing. Metrico conducts so many wonderful experiments that the final game feels like a treat, even if some puzzles fall flat along the way.

HOHOKUM Released on Aug. 12 Developed by Honeyslug For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita Rated E (Everyone); fantasy violence and crude humor

Hohokum is one of the strangest video games to come out in a long while. At its core, it’s about touching a world and puzzling out how its elements interact.

You control a kitelike character that can bump or glide into or through inanimate objects and living things, changing colors and making pinging sounds as it does. Everything in the game is shot through with so much charm – from the super-flat art style to the catchy, reactive electronic music – that you’ll find it hard to stop playing.

You’ll sometimes need to ferry Hohokum’s weirdly cute people-creatures on the kite being’s long, undulating back. As they float past symbols, you’ll eventually figure out the item that will need to go inside a particular nook or cranny. Hohokum explains very little, nudging you along to see what transpires. There’s a mysterious brand of cause-and-effect at play – doing Action A to Thing B makes Result C – but its exact nature is intentionally muddy until the epiphanies happen. The opacity results in a blooming sense of discovery and wonder that recalls heartwarming, childlike play.

KIM KARDASHIAN Hollywood Released on June 26 Developed by Glu Games For iOS and Android Rated 12+ (Players 12 and older) for infrequent/mild profanity, crude humor and mature themes

A satire on celebrity culture, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood invites its players to do everything they can in the name of becoming an A-list celebrity. This pursuit includes parties, photo shoots and the latest fashions – all of which sound like fun, except that players’ actions essentially equate to tapping blue bars until they fill up. And this free-to-play game limits how much you can do in a single session without spending real money.

Despite this design, the game is fascinating. It inspires musings on celebrity life and on Ms. Kardashian herself. And it’s easy to get sucked into the drama that comes with the absurd people you meet in your attempt to gain millions of fans. Even Kardashian haters might find themselves sharing screen shots on social media, or at least chuckling at how the game isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself.

ROAD NOT TAKEN Released on Aug. 5 Developed by Spry Fox For PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Mac; Vita forthcoming Rated E (Everyone); no description provided

Road Not Taken is a successful brew of the fairy tale adventure and the deep, deep puzzle game. The combination is as pleasing as it is punishing.

Contextually, Road Not Taken is about a person who lives in a village, makes friends and then heads out into the wilderness year after year to reunite lost children with their mothers. It is a dire, one-move-per-turn game played on a grid, designed for you to step carefully and not fail twice, lest you have to start over.

The game puts your hero on one square on a six-by-eight grid and allows you to do just a few things: move up, down, left, right; pick up almost anything; and hurl the item you picked up as far as it will go in a straight line or carry it at the cost of one digit of life energy for every step you take until you put it down. You’ll carry logs and goats and trees and different-colored spirits. You’ll hurl people to save them.

Crucially, you’ll come across some 200 things in Road Not Taken’s world, and you’ll learn that many of them can be made into other things. There are hidden recipes waiting to be discovered. The game is devilishly tough because little is explained.

Road Not Taken is a strange throwback to the mysteriousness of titles like the first Zelda, yet also a game that can demand concentration while inviting the mobile reflexes of a skilled Bejeweled player.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/20/arts/video-games/reviews-kim-kardashian-hollywood-metrico-hohokum-and-road-not-taken.html

Pacific Coast News/SplashNews

Kim Kardashian was double-take sexy on the ‘Today’ show, Aug. 12, when she took to the set in a nude top so body hugging that her nipples appeared. Do you love it or loathe it? Vote below!

Kim Kardashian, 33, wore such a revealing skin-tight nude top, that her nipples were out for the world to see! The body-hugging top was so sheer, it revealed her breasts during her appearance on the Today show on August 12. The stunning Mrs. West, proved once more that she’s one hot momma.

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Today’ Show Outfit

Kim’s stretchy top clung to the outline of her body, like most of her tops, but this one especially seemed more revealing to the naked eye – if you look quick you’d think she wasn’t wearing a shirt. The optical illusion left you thinking her thin gold chain was the only thing she decided to wear on top.

The reality star finished off the look with strap nude heels and an hunter green skirt, with ruching around her hips and waist that hugged her curvaceous lower half. Her tan skinned matched perfectly with her pale pink lipgloss and shimmery eye-shadow.

Mrs. West also went with a sleek pin-straight hair style that draped down her back. Her petite necklace and stud earrings added to her more laid back look.

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Kim Steps Out In NYC Showering Off Her Assests

Kim decided to also expose her assets on August 11, when she stepped out in NYC in a sheer cleavage-revealing black top and tightly hugging skirt that left no room to the imagination.

The mother of one was proud to wear her jaw dropping ensemble as she strolled the streets of Manhattan. She is none to shy about showing off her goods and who can blame her, Kim’s body is rockin’!

So HollywoodLifers, love it or loathe it?

- Brittany King More Kim Kardashian News:

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Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/08/12/kim-kardashian-today-show-outfit-pics/

One Nicki Minaj song replaces another as “Anaconda” overtakes “Bang Bang” on the iTunes single sales chart.
Update 2: Following a brief drop to the #2 slot, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” is back to #1 on the iTunes single sales chart. It overtook Lecrae’s “All I Need is You” late Tuesday morning.

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” also charged past the Lecrae song, which leaves “All I Need is You” in the #3 position. Jessie J + Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang” is #4.

Update: It turns out there was another song in the mix.

While it seemed like Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” was at constant risk of losing its #1 iTunes spot to either her own (with Jessie J and Ariana Grande) “Bang Bang” or Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” that overview appearance left out another contender.

Lecrae’s “All I Need is You,” that contender, jumped to #1 on the iTunes overall single sales chart Tuesday morning. Included in the “Anomaly” pre-order, the song benefited from an initial spike that is unlikely to be sustained beyond the nearest of futures.

It does, however, mean that “Anaconda” slips, at least temporarily, to #2. “All About That Bass” follows at #3, while Jessie J + Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj are #4 with “Bang Bang.”

Wiz Khalifa’s “Promises” slides in at #5, besting Maroon 5′s #6 “Maps,” Sam Smith’s #7 “Stay With Me,” Alex and Sierra’s #8 “Just Kids,” MAGIC!’s #9 “Rude” and Jason Aldean’s “Burnin’ it Down.”

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” has officially reached the #1 spot on iTunes’ single sales chart.

It accomplished the feat after about 24 hours of availability. “Bang Bang,” which is credited to the superstar collaboration of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Minaj, slipped to number two to make room for “Anaconda.”

Insofar as “Bang Bang,” “Anaconda” and Meghan Trainor’s #3 “All About That Bass” are all moving at roughly the same pace, it is possible they will play hot potato with the #1 spot over the next few hours.

What will not change, however, is the fact that Minaj’s “Anaconda” did officially get to the top of the chart.

Other Top 10 songs on iTunes include Maroon 5′s “Maps” (#4), MAGIC!’s “Rude” (#5), Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” (#6), Jason Aldean’s “Burnin’ it Down” (#7), Sia’s “Chandelier” (#8), Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” (#9) and Becky G’s “Shower” (#10).

Source: http://headlineplanet.com/home/2014/08/05/nicki-minajs-anaconda-hits-1-itunes-sales-chart/

(Photo : Twitter/Shailene Woodley) Shailene Woodley has defended “Wrecking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus from concerned parents who usually raise their brows at the sight of the former Disney star’s racy antics, MTV has learned.

Shailene Woodley has defended “Wrecking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus from concerned parents who usually raise their brows at the sight of the former Disney star’s racy antics, MTV has learned.

It’s always nice to hear when a celeb defends a co-celeb, and this time its rising star Shailene Woodley who has come to rescue controversial actress-singer Miley Cyrus from all of her bashers comprising concerned parents for the most part.

The “Fault In Our Stars” actress, who plays cancer-stricken Hazel in the movie, is gracing Vanity Fair’s July issue, and in an interview for the magazine’s cover story, the 22-year-old celeb has strongly defended Miley’s more often than not risqué antics.

“Miley isn’t rude or mean or cruel to anyone in her actions,” Shailene said.

“She just does herself. And regardless of whether you agree with what she’s doing or not, it’s none of your business what she does. She’s not in the world doing mean things,” the “Divergent” star added.

Having known that most of Miley Cyrus’ bashers are concerned parents, Shailene continued by asking, “Why are all these parents or all these people freaking out about Miley being herself?”

“If you don’t want your kids to watch it, you know, you can change that situation at home, but don’t make a big deal of what she’s doing. Make a big deal about the bullies at school who are beating kids up,” Woodley resumed.

In the same interview, Shailene also gave props to Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, according to Inquisitr.

“Her music has sort of been throughout my entire life. [Fleetwood Mac] was always a part of something I listened to. And I also just love sort of who she is and that there’s no one in the world like Stevie Nicks,” Woodley said.

“She was never the next anything. She was the first and only Stevie Nicks, and she was brave and she was strong, and she was her, no matter what that meant. She was her,” she added.

Shailene isn’t the only one who has been very vocal in defending Miley Cyrus from her bashers.

Country singer and godmother to the former “Hannah Montana” star, Dolly Parton, has also been very expressive in defending Miley.

“She’s a great talent, Miley, who I’ve known ever since she was a tiny little baby,” Parton told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw recently, as per a Digital Spy report.

“She’s always been smart and quick and she is so gifted and I really, really hope she does great in this world of show business, and I believe she will,” Parton chimed.

“I believe she’s gonna make the right choices, she’s had to go a little drastic now and then just to prove her point, but I’ve got a lot of faith in her and I’m hoping she does great ‘cos she is gifted and special,” the country singer dished. “You know her comedic timing is very good, so she’s got all the goods – I’m just hoping she uses all of it well.”

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